Texas Credit Tenant Lease Financing – CTL Loans

Dallas, Texas– The many Commercial Real estate Investors may still feel affected by the economic downturn. The navigation through mazes of trying to find the right mortgages and commercial loans can appear messy. With that being said, feel some relief as you have landed in the right spot for financing.

Available Credit Tenant Loans with Low Rates

No matter what State that your big property is located in, opportunities are available to refinance it. You might need a financing for a new big deal and Loanrise is the place to help you out. Lenders are still funding properties in need of the credit tenant loan. Allow our commercial lenders to help commercial real estate investors as well as developers to receive long-term loans.

Credit Tenant Lease Financing for Net Lease Properties

We find that Credit Tenant Lease (also known as the CTL) transactions are arranged as private placement bonds. These CTL deals are settled so that they primarily emphasis on the creditworthiness of the tenant in the lease. Also noting the lease structure is identified after that the next focus is on the property type, quality as well as where your commercial property is located.

Commercial Lenders with CTL Mortgages

Our commercial lenders have a top agenda to arrange the proper financing to fit your needs. Your assets in your investment property portfolio will be considered with these Credit Tenant Loans and Texas Credit Tenant Lease Financing available for you in all states.

Loans for Commercial Properties with Investment Grade Tenants

Check now for your Net Lease Properties acquisitions. Each Credit Tenant Lease (CTL) property must be legally separated from any adjacent property declaration. A credit tenant loan (CTL) is a commercial real estate loan where that property is secured by the obligation of a single investment grade company to pay debt service by means of the regular rental payments. Typically a long-term net lease will be in place as well as have at least 12 years remaining on the initial lease term under what is considered the high quality lease.

Credit Tenant Lease Program offering low-cost and Permanent Loans

The Credit Tenant Loan is based on a credit tenant lease with a qualifying rating. A Credit Tenant should be rated BBB- (S&P) or Baa3 (Moody’s) or better. Certain tenants rated BB may also qualify for credit tenant financing. We can respond to your situation if you require help in the CTL finance industry. Our mortgage lenders can obtain insurance products which some investors are unaware of to get the financing needed.

Credit Tenant Leases which Commercial Lenders Provide Specialized Financing

This paragraph notes some of the Tenants which could easily qualify for Credit Tenant Loans. A few of these Credit tenants leases will be with Wal-Mart, CVS, TJMax, Publix Grocery Store, Kroger, Pep Boys, Chase Manhattan, Federal Express, Lowe’s Companies, Walgreen, McDonald’s, Sears, Wegman’s as well as Home Depot.

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