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Retail Financing

Credit Tenant Lease (CTL) transactions are structured as private placement bonds that primarily focus on the creditworthiness of the tenant and the lease structure and secondarily on the property type and location of the property.

Triple Net (NNN) Loan and Credit Tenant Financing

Triple Net Leased property loans and credit tenant financing have some fantastic programs currently available. One example, is a Loan with a 20 year fixed, with 20 - 25 year amortization schedule available. We have programs for various Triple Net Leased properties that are Non-recourse loans.

If you are in need of refinancing or acquiring either a credit tenant, Triple Net (NNN) property, with a minimum loan amount of $1,000,000 and over, we want to work with you.

Many of our Triple Net (NNN) loan programs are geared for borrowers that have a long term hold strategy.

Here are some of the Retail Single Tenants that we have Loan Programs for:

  • AutoZone Financing
  • Burger King Financing
  • Costco Financing
  • CVS Financing
  • FedEx Financing (Federal Express Financing)
  • Home Depot Financing
  • Kohl’s Financing
  • Kroger Financing
  • Lowe’s Financing
  • McDonald’s Financing
  • Oreilly’s Financing
  • Publix Financing
  • Safeway Financing
  • Staples Financing
  • Target Financing
  • Walgreens Financing
  • Wal-Mart Financing

Contact us today regarding your Triple Net (NNN) loan or credit tenant financing request today.

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